Written by Emily Scoones on 07/05/2020

Will SiteSolve take your job?

SiteSolve is a generative design software for early stage residential massing optioneering. When people hear about SiteSolve, we sometimes get the response of “Are you taking our job?” or something to that effect. We completely understand this knee-jerk reaction, everyone has had it to some degree with all the new technology that is emerging within the AEC industry. However, as the creators of SiteSolve we wanted to outline our vision of it as a collaboration tool which enhances the design process and to support those involved within it.

SiteSolve aims to help developers understand the potential of sites unlocking them faster for further work by a design team. SiteSolve can then be used by the team as part of the ideation stage to generate ideas, or to create and tweak designs with the key area data instantly updated. This instant feedback reduces the time on the menial tasks and makes more time for the creative phase. The engineering insight embedded also means that teams can progress the design with more confidence that fire, vertical transport and M&E requirements have been considered.

We caught up with Finlay Grant Briggs , an architect in Ramboll Norway and early adopter of SiteSolve to get his thoughts on our generative design software and how he uses it as part of his workflow.


When you first heard about the concept of SiteSolve, what was your reaction?
FGB - I instantly saw the opportunity and was aware that there are similar other software being developed. Using computer programming/ AI/ parametric design as part of the design process is the next big step for Architects and area planners.

How do you use SiteSolve within your workflow?
FGB - I been using SiteSolve in early phase design work, either as initial site appraisal or as part of a design scheme. I have used it to quickly evaluate development potential and to visually explore how the massing of varied heights and volumes would look on the site.

What benefits does it add to your processes?
FGB - The ability to quickly generate multiple options, get an overview of development potential and key values. Visualise varied massing’s in a quick and simple way.

Does it enable you to add greater or different value to your clients?
FGB - SiteSolve adds value for clients as we can generate and evaluate many more solutions in a given time than previously possible. In theory the greater the number of options we consider, the closer we should come to an optimal solution. It also lets us operate with key information about areas, heights and volumes at an earlier stage and there for have this information available for the client earlier.


As Finlay’s experience shows, SiteSolve is being used to enhance the design process, testing more options, exploring different solutions to ultimately improving the outcomes for the project and for those who will live there. We understand and appreciate the need for design input and specific discipline expertise but we cannot ignore that technology will evolve our workflows. We believe generative design tools, such as SiteSolve, can be used to improve the offerings of design teams and help us to create great developments which add value to our clients and society.