Viability Workshops

Bring your team together with Ramboll’s experts to collaboratively explore your options on a site, and to find the best way forward.

New Hero
Collaborate in a virtual space

Together with your team, SiteSolve's experts can help you generate, iterate or create ideas, rapidly, in a 1-hour workshop.

Get instant KPI feedback

Get live feedback on the KPIs which matter to you. SiteSolve directly outputs the key data needed to undertake your financial appraisal and decide on the next steps to move forward

Find your best solution

The SiteSolve team can run optimisations on your site which can help you identify strategies based on real, technical data so you can be confident you’ve explored your options.


Pohjola Rakennus

"SiteSolve speeds up and simplifies the development of a land use design. We get numerous different options for a draft during a project meeting when traditionally it has taken several days to make different drafts."

What else can we do?

Software (4)
SiteSolve Software

​Use the SiteSolve software to understand the viability of a site. The simple interface allows you to rapidly to generate, draw, edit and analyse ideas to understand the potential of different strategies. 

Whole City
Portfolio Studies

Understand the viability of tens to thousands of sites so you get the data you need to support your strategic decisions.

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