SiteSolve Software

Use the SiteSolve software to understand the viability of a site. The simple interface allows you to rapidly to generate, draw, edit and analyse ideas to understand the potential of different strategies. 

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Rapidly set up your site

Whether you only have a location, a pdf redline boundary or a full CAD model, you can quickly import data into SiteSolve. Set up constraints, such as roads and height limits, alongside your targets such as apartment sizes and mixes.


Use our generative design optimisation algorithms to create ideas, or draw you own concepts. Easily tweak and adjust ideas to see the impact on your design.

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Instantly analyse each idea to understand everything you need to run your financial appraisal. Identify apartments with a particular view or outlook, and even identify the external spaces with good sunlight.


Select your best solutions and visually explore these with your stakeholders. Extract the models to kick start the next stage of your process.

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What else can we do?

Single Dev
Viability Workshops

Bring your team together with Ramboll’s experts to collaboratively explore your options on a site, and to find the best way forward.

Whole City
Portfolio Studies

Understand the viability of tens to thousands of sites so you get the data you need to support your strategic decisions.

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