Walkable Neighbourhood White Paper
Written by The SiteSolve Team on 27/08/2021
Our new White Paper showcasing how you can leverage technology to deliver a Walkable Neighbourhood is available for download.
Implementing Walkable Neighbourhood Concepts
Written by Emily Scoones on 07/10/2021
There has been a lot of talk about planning our places in a locally focussed, walkable way (20-minute neighbourhoods, 15 minute cities) and how beneficial they will be particularly after COVID. But is this all talk? How are local authorities actually implementing these principles? We spoke to Rebecca Dillon-Robinson, an urban planner in Ramboll’s Regeneration and Cities team to find out more about just this.
How to deliver a 20-minute neighbourhood
Written by Emily Scoones on 23/07/2021
The SiteSolve Team have been creating a case study for 514 sites in North London to help identify how many residential units can be unlocked and how many have access to the amenities of a walking neighbourhood. Read more to find out more about the study and sign up to receive it as soon as it is released.
Forward Thinking Clients
Written by The SiteSolve Team on 13/07/2021
Forward thinking clients are pivotal in driving innovation in the industry. The SiteSolve team catch up with Candice Lemaitre, Transport for London's Commercial Development Innovation Lead, about their approach to innovation.
PropTech Tools for Land Viability
Written by The SiteSolve Team on 29/06/2021
Site feasibility is a complex and risky process. This blog explores four key areas that PropTech tools can improve the current way of undertaking these studies to reduce risk for projects.
Free Guide
5 Ways to Unlock Value and Opportunities from Public Sector Land. Learn how you can understand the viability of all your sites and prioritise the land with greatest potential.
New SiteSolve Features
Written by The SiteSolve Team on 24/05/2021
SiteSolve’s development team has been working hard to bring the functionality clients have been asking for to life. These new tools give users more control than ever before. Lets take a look…
How to fast track the adoption of innovation and technology in the AEC industry.
Written by Emily Scoones on 25/05/2021
There are a lot of pockets of new technology and innovation appearing in the AEC industry. However the widespread adoption of many of these is either slow or not happening at all. Read more to explore some of our thoughts on how the industry can adapt to encourage the creation and adoption of these new technologies.
How Planning Reform and Digitalisation Can Improve The Planning System In England
Written by Emily Scoones on 07/05/2021
We outline our some of our thoughts on The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government's Planning for the Future White paper which was released for consultation in August 2020.
How technology can help you achieve your net-zero-carbon goals for new developments
Written by Ruth Norman-Johnson on 22/04/2021
The industry is moving towards net carbon zero with ever increasing momentum to combat the climate emergency. Read more to find out three ways technology can help you achieve your net zero carbon goals.
The Importance of Cost Data in Site Appraisal
Written by Emily Scoones on 14/05/2020
It is hugely important to have the full picture when understanding the potential of a site. Our work with Turner & Townsend, on our recent Mass Land Viability Study, showed us the impact that cost data can have and the new ways this information can be accessed through technology and collaboration.
Case Study: Transport For London
Written by The SiteSolve Team on 26/03/2020
“Sitesolve has been a key delivery partner supporting us on a first-of-a-kind pilot project to analyse and appraise a large volume of potential development sites in London".
How Digital Design can drive site viability
Written by The SiteSolve Team on 14/01/2020
The opportunities brought to the construction sector by emerging digital design technology are more than a process to improve our traditional workflow
The Real-Estate Density Debate: How Can Technology Help?
Written by Emily Scoones on 09/04/2020
A Density Matrix is an approach used by developers to understand the number of possible housing units per an area of land based off the site context
Can complex land unlock the housing crisis?
Written by Emily Scoones on 23/04/2020
According to the housing white paper published in 2017, nearly 300,000 new homes are required per year to meet the demand for housing but on average only 160,000 are being delivered....
Will SiteSolve take your job?
Written by Emily Scoones on 07/05/2020
We caught up with Finlay Grant Briggs, an architect in Ramboll Norway and early adopter of SiteSolve to get his thoughts on our generative design software and how he uses it as part of his workflow.
How is PropTech transforming careers in property?
Written by Paul Jeffries on 05/03/2020
Last week, I was privileged to be asked to appear on a panel at an event hosted by Cripps Pemberton Greenish and organised by the YEP (Young Entrepreneurs in Property) titled ‘How is PropTech transforming careers in property?
Double success for Ramboll’s digital design team and the SiteSolve toolkit at NCE Techfest and IABSE Future of Design